Annie loves her pub and is readily available to answer any questions that you may have regarding even what clothes should you bring?

Maryvales weather can be fickle but remember we are in the mountains so always bring something warm to wear, just in case.  Otherwise we are in Queensland so its lovely one day and magic the next!

We have also included travel times from major cities to help you plan your trip.

Below you can send Annie a message…

The new owners of the Crown Hotel Maryvale Queensland

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Address: 47 Taylor Street



07 4666 1148


0403 181 272

Email: [email protected]

Location and Travel Times

  • From/Brisbane CBD: 1 hr45mins (129.8km) via National Hwy
  • From/Gold Coast: 2hr13mins (157.4km) via State Route 90 and National Hwy 15
  • From/Toowoomba: 1hr11mins (92.5km) via New England Hwy A3
  • From/Warwick: 27mins (33.2km) via Freestone Rd and National Hwy 15
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