Historic photo of the Crown Hotel Maryvale Queensland
The black and white photo of the Crown Hotel Maryvale Queensland

History of The Crown Hotel Maryvale

The known history of Maryvale Hotel is a scant one at best.  The following details have been extracted from ‘Maryvale’ a history of Maryvale, developed for the Australian Bi-Centenary.

Arnold Weinholt from Wales in England purchased Maryvale in 1849 and Gladfield in 1852 for the intent on raising Clydesdale horses. They became two of the finest Clydesdale studs in Australia.

Throughout the early days there were few thoughts on establishing a hotel. 

Charles Creighton was granted a publicans license for the ‘Maryvale Hotel’ in 1862.  However as no actual town reserve existed, he would have been subject to the approval of Arnold Weinholt, being the landowner.

No further reference to the ‘Maryvale Hotel’ is found until the arrival of selectors and their thirsts until 1909.

The Town Begins 1912

The Warwick Argus reported on 14th may 1912 that a start had been made on the township of Maryvale. 

The Maryvale Hotel Constructions Begin

Mr. Matt Keefe had commenced work on his two-story hotel.

“The building is to be of reinforced concrete and the price is a few thousand pounds, so the first place of business should be one of note.” This was commented in the Warwick Times of the day.

It is said that Keefe’s son had survived an earthquake in San Francisco 1906 He insisted that the reinforced concrete be used, in case of such a disaster striking Maryvale. 

The soundness of the construction during earthquakes has yet to be tested!

The Maryvale Hotel Opened its Doors to the Public 1913

The Maryvale Hotel opened its doors to the public in early 1913.  Around the year 1960 Maryvale hits its peak suddenly, then remained constant.  It has been a quiet little village since but with more and more people escaping the cities for more peace in rural settings, Maryvale has attracted approximately 50 more buildings within the last three years, with many more moving into the area.

The New Owners

With its recent acquisition by the current owners, Michael and Annie Keddy.

The Maryvale Hotel has been established as the Crown Hotel Maryvale with a modern and face for the logo.  Its newly renovated accommodation, revamping of the bar area.  A higher level of enthusiasm on the part of the licensees, a promising light shines on the future of the hotel…

Couple that with the focus of the Southern Downs Regional Council on Urban Development Plan for Maryvale. 

A plan that gives increased hope for the future of Maryvale and the Crown Hotel Maryvale…

Mick and Annie Keddy 2018.  

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